Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cocktails & Oysters

Lûdzu, is my favorite cocktail making, evil genius.

The guy makes his own bitters. That takes a lot of time...and doesn’t make you any money. So if you do it, you do it because you have an obsession.

I was actually introduced to a bottle of his Pirate Rum before I ever met him.  It was clearly created by someone with a remarkable palate and attention to detail. I knew I had to work with him.

Don’t tell him I said this, but he eats a lot of weird stuff.

We were on a road trip once and stumbled upon this Bison farm. Lûdzu insisted we buy all the Bison tongue we could eat, and then fiendishly went to work preparing it back at camp into a fabulous pate. It was incredible.

So, i’m excited to announce that we’ve finally paired up to create something tasty for Dine Out Vancouver.... voila!

Cocktails & BC Oysters
Join us in a classy underground bar, hidden in a chinatown warehouse for Cocktails & Oysters.

Cocktails (4) 
Gin & Tonics are all well and good, but it’s easier than you think to impress dinner guests with first class cocktails. Let Lûdzu show you how!
  • 2 Classic Cocktails. These are your Go-To’s for dinner parties
    • Lûdzu explains when to shake, when to stir, and how to make them with style, while effortlessly rambling off fun facts about their historic significance
  • Local Ingredients Cocktail
    • Made with local herbs and ingredients, hand picked by Lûdzu himself.
  • Molecular Mixology
    • Crazy cocktail creations using foams and mists

BC Oysters (4) 
Curious Oyster Catering will lead a tasting of 4 distinct varieties of local oysters.

  • Experience the intricacies of varying flavor profiles, in the freshest local oysters from Desolation Sound, BC
    • Black Pearl - White shell with black stripes, light and sweet with hints of melon 
    • Marina’s Top Drawer - Gold in color with a frilly shell. Sweet and smooth
    • Beach Angel - Robust and briny flavor, with a long, clean, cucumber finish
    • Outlandish Gems - Delicate meat with hints of green apple candy and a delicate, briny finish
  • How to shuck without stabbing yourself :)
  • What to look for when buying oysters
  • How to detect red tide
Sat Jan 28, 7:30-9pm - Sold Out
Sat Feb 4, 7:30-9pm - Sold Out

Ticket price -  $89
Double Date Rate (Group of 4+) - $79 

Email now to book - theswallowdive@gmail.com
Chef Robin

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