Friday, March 30, 2012

Tiki - A cocktail party of tropical proportions

Our lastest Pop-up Restaurant, shelter from the rainy day, Vancouver blues.  April 13, 2012
Tiki is currently SOLD OUT, but if you want to get on the waiting list, we will be releasing a few more tickets the week before.  Email us at if you want in.

Location Imagine a warm indoor jungle, koi pond, whimsical wooden bridge, orchids blooming all around you.

The Food There will be five tiki stands in the jungle serving canapés and hand-food for under $5 each. We’ve collected together a diverse group of Vancouver’s underground culinary stars to create tropical themed nibbles.
  • Butter on the Endive chef Owen Lightly formerly of Araxi & West will dazzle us with his gorgeous canapes.
  • The classy Curious Oyster Catering boys on fresh shucked BC oysters.
  • Caribbean whole pig smoked by Anatoli Belov Woodland Smokehouse
  • Soho Road bringing the spice to the mix and their delicious homemade naan and Indian food.
  • Sea Monstr Sushi creating some classic Tiki rolls.
  • One more mystery sweet tiki creator.
The Drinks Tiki inspired cocktails are the stars of our show, mixed by award winning bartender Hailey Pasemko!  There will be beer as well to keep you cool. 
What to wear? We encourage tropical inspired outfits, bright colours and crazy hats, whatever you like.  Please remember that it will be warm in the jungle, and there is no space for a coat check at this venue.  As this is a cocktail party (standing), wear your most comfortable, sexy shoes.

Time: 8pm to midnight
Tickets: $15 including one Tiki cocktail

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